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Preserve Vision & Hope was created to help our community and those affected by sight threatening disease. We are dedicated to improving access to patient care, research and education related to retina and macular disease.

Patient Care

The cost of medical care continues to rise and access to care, for some patients, is on the decline. While there are county systems available, they are backed up and prompt care is not always possible. They too have limited access to care. Our goal is to open access to the best possible care for those patients who cannot afford it.

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While much research has become privatized, it is focused on select drugs or conditions that will make a profit. Our goal is to support the publication of clinical research that may improve patient care but may not generate a profit. 

Medical Scientist Working with CT Brain Scan Images on a Personal Computer in Laboratory.


We want to educate the community of patients and providers about the signs, symptoms and tests that may facilitate early detection and treatment of otherwise blinding disease. This agenda includes improving access to diagnostic testing for and treatment of conditions that may lead to blindness.

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