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The Team

Who We Are


Ron and Brianna

Our Founders

After years of helping patients who could not afford their care, the Gallemore's started this organization to help patients in need. Due to financial hardship, many patients elect to not proceed with vision saving treatments. They saw a need in the community and aim to help wherever they can. None of the donations go to physicians or practices. All monies are used to pay for diagnostic testing and medical treatments including hospital costs as well as laboratory testing. Their work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable care, and they strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance.

Nono Lebosnoyani

Nono Lebosnoyani is the owner of Nono’s MMA in Hermosa Beach as well as the CFO for Kinter Insurance Services. As a world renowned Jujitsu, Hapkido and MMA trainer with such students as Royce Gracie and Connor McGregor, he is a pillar in the community teaching the art and discipline of martial arts to young and old alike. He is dedicated to health and fitness and is passionate about access to the best possible care. As the CFO of Kinter Insurance Services, he exclusively serves his clients’ interests and is committed to securing the most competitive premiums and comprehensive coverage.


Scott Rosen

Scott Rosen is the Vice President of PVH. A graduate of USC, he comes to us with a strong background in marketing and sales. He is a strategic planner with a strong business and social network in the South Bay Community and a personal interest in helping others keep their vision and perform at the highest level. He is an avid surfer, skier and all around asset to our team.

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