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Fundraisers & Projects

11th Annual RMI/SBOS Symposium

On October 16, 2023 Preserve Vision and Hope had the opportunity in supporting the 11th annual symposium hosted by the Retina Macula Institute and the South Bay Optometric Society.

We were able to secure corporate funding by 10 pharmaceutical companies who helped support the continued education of roughly 150 optometrist in Los Angeles.

With the generous funding provided by our sponsors, we will also be able to cover the costs of several patients' vision saving medical treatments. Due to financial hardship, these patients would otherwise not proceed with treatment/surgery and potentially lose most or all of their current vision.


Secundaria School, Mexico

Preserve Vision and Hopes first project in 2018 that showed us the eye opening gift of being able to give back. 


This school is off of a rural road in Mexico that some kids have to travel miles to get to. Education and the supplies it takes to successfully complete school is truly a privilege. 


Our founders went to the nearest market (an hour away) to get as much supplies as they could and made packs for every student. 


It was this experience that sparked our nonprofit in hopes to spread a little good in the world. 

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Skechers 15th Annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

The Preserve Vision and Hope team had an amazing time participating at the Skechers 15th Annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk on Sunday, October 29, 2023. 

We raised a total of $780.00 in just four days! Funds raised will go towards special needs education programs in the South Bay.


Holiday Toy Drive 

Preserve Vision and Hope will be running a holiday toy drive from Monday, 11/06/23 - Friday, 12/01/23! 


Toy donations will be delivered to Blind Children's Center (BCC), a nonprofit organization that provides FREE high-quality early childhood education programs for children ages 18 months to 5 years-old. BCC has specific expertise in supporting very young children who are blind and visually impaired and those with multiple disabilities.


The best toys for these age groups are: 

  1. sensory toys

  2. cause & effect toys

  3. sorting/stacking toys

  4. sandbox toys

  5. cars

  6. books


Here you will find our past and upcoming fundraisers and projects. We are always looking for new ways to help our community, reach out to us with potential ideas! 

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